Come and join us at Dyalog 16 / BAA Celebration

The BAA is offering its members sponsorship to attend Dyalog 16 in Glasgow on 12th - 13th October 2016.

BAA Celebration Event

12th – 13th October 2016 at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, Glasgow

27th November will be the anniversary of CleanSpace that this year marks the 50th birthday of interactive APL. To celebrate this event, we are going to be working with Dyalog in the UK to make Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th October a celebration of all things APL. These dates form part of the Dyalog User Meeting being held in Glasgow from the 9th to 13th October.

The celebration is not aimed at just Dyalog APL; all vendors and developers from all flavours of APL or Array Languages are warmly invited to attend or take part. Come along and share two days with us looking at the high achievements over these past 50 years.

Of course we will have some new things to show you too.

The content of this event is still being built but we are confident of an exciting and stimulating series of talks and demonstrations – watch this space. If you have something to say about our history or the direction of our future, then please contact with details and we might be able to include you into the proceedings as well.

Registration to this event must be done via the Dyalog website where full details and information can be found.

To assist those who would like to go to the Celebration Event the BAA are offering up to 10 grants to members. These grants are worth amounts between £50-£500. The application process is simple and requires just the form below to be filled in and submitted for consideration. Any grants that are awarded will be paid into the applicant’s bank account once evidence is provided that they are booked and have paid to attend.

Students may request that their submission is expedited through the system to recover costs more quickly.

Anyone who is not a member of the BAA but meets all other criteria may apply for a grant but will need to become a member before any grant is issue to them.

Check your eligibility

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Terms & Conditions

For the purposes of this criteria chart APL refers to any of the Array Programming languages including, but not limited to; APL, APL2, J, KDB, Q etc. This above chart is indicative only and does not guarantee success in any grant application.

With any application:

  • The decision of the committee is final
  • Grants will be awarded based on the merits of each submission
  • There are a maximum of 10 grants available ranging in value from £50-£500
  • The closing date for applications is midnight on 31st August 2016
  • The results of the applications will be announced by Wednesday 7th September 2016
  • Any complaints or queries should be addressed to in the first instance

Application Form

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Are you currently employed? (required)

If you are employed, why is your employer not sending you to this event?

Are you in full time education?

If you are in full time education, what are you studying?

If you are offered a grant, would you be prepared to write a short article about your experience at the celebration for Vector and online publication?

Do you agree that any appreciative statements made by you on receipt of a grant may be quoted by the BAA for publicity purpose?

Is there any other information you would like to give us which may help your application?